So summer has whizzed by already and I have not taken time to post anything.  For that matter, I haven’t given much time to writing in any form.  A Lake Superior vacation with our immediate family at the Apostle Islands in Bayfield, WI in July, several trips up to meet with our builder in Door County and enjoy the more lake activities, and a week in Pittsburgh to visit my parents and siblings  and POOF!, the summer was over.  I sewed clothes and quilts for my grandchildren but didn’t get as much quilting done as hoped.  The muscles in my pelvic region and low back have been very tight and painful for months, making it hard to walk, ride in the car, and especially climb stairs.  I had several cortisone injections, which haven’t helped a whole lot (and cost $3,000 a pop!).  I did find a massage therapist I like and an anti-inflammatory gel that helps.

We maintained the house and yard in case someone wished to tour our house.  Fortunately, it hasn’t been a drought summer this year - until recently.  Nevertheless, we still had to weed and drag hoses around.  The favorite question to us has been, “Have you sold your house yet?”  The answer is “no”.  However, we are closer than we have been for the last 6 months.  A prospective buyer came to look about 2 1/2 weeks ago. We were so excited when she came for a second look.  Now her agent has told us that she is debating between our house and one other.  Nearly 3 weeks since she began debating, we are still waiting for her answer.  Talk about stress!  Whatever patience I have comes from God because I’m not a naturally patient person.  So many, many people are praying for our house to sell, that I have to believe it will come about - but in God’s timing, not mine.  I have purchased things for the new house.  I’ve shopped online for light fixtures, rugs, a headboard for the guest bed, lamps, end tables, and more.  It is so much fun to imagine our new house on the bluff overlooking Green Bay!

My other project this summer has been to change the way I eat.  My doctor recommended I read The Anti-Inflammation Diet by Dr. Barry Sears.  It’s also known as The Zone Diet.  It is based on the science of glycemic loads of foods.  To stay healthy and prevent not only heart disease, diabetes, and cancer, but autoimmune diseases like mine (fibromyalgia), you must stay within the “zone”.  The zone is the balanced place where the proper amount of insulin and cortisol are secreted in response to nutrients we eat.  It is a diet high in fruits and vegetables and low in carbohydrates and gluten.  Low fat protein and dairy as well as foods high in Omega 3s are a big part of the balance.  I cleaned out my pantry of so much unhealthy food that I have 3 empty shelves!  Chuck is doing the diet with me.  That helps, but it is still a huge lifestyle change and I am finding it hard.  We both are way overweight so it was not a choice to do it or not.

That is all the catch-up I can write now. There are oodles of photos from our trips which you can find at