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“The act of putting pen to paper encourages pause for thought, this in turn makes us think more deeply about life, which helps us regain our equilibrium.”  N. Platt

The sale-of-our-house journey took a new direction this week.  After 3 months of no action on showing the house, we had a meeting with our realtor.  It was time to stir the pot.  To make a long story (and meeting) short, we were asked to consider dropping the price of the house by $12,000.  It was heartbreaking.  But it was time to fish or cut bait and we decided that a lower price was better than staring at a for sale sign for who knows how many more months.  Ours is a paper mill town with very little turnover in workers.  The only folks able to buy our house are in management, medicine, or those few looking to buy up in the current buyers market.  On Monday we handed our realtor the signed papers authorizing the price drop.  Two days later we got a call to show the house!  Someone looked at it this afternoon.  It had been so long since we had a showing that the major cleaning we did when we first listed the house needed to be repeated. Chuck and I worked for 2 days in the yard weeding and watering.  Chuck cleaned the garage.  Because of work, he wasn’t able to get the lawn mowed for the showing.  Today - all day- I cleaned the house, put away things that we had allowed to stack up.  I even did touch-up painting.  I had to wash sheets and change 2 beds because company had slept in them.  Sweaty and in pain from all the bending and lifting, I cut hydrangeas for a vase on the table, washed up, and went to Perkins for supper while the house was being shown.  So all we can do is pray that these people will be the ones to buy or at least dropping the price has stirred the pot.  In the meantime, we’ve made appointments to meet with cabinet and flooring people in Door County.  We need to speak with our builder to see when the cost of materials will go up too.  The good news is that our bank had the land and plans appraised and have given a green light on a mortgage.  The wait goes on.

Note: This photo is not for our property; it just represents our Price Reduced situation.