I haven’t posted for awhile and much has happened.  We’ve had 8 house showings so far, which is great they tell us.  But now it’s been a week with nothing.  I admit to being impatient.  Also, our friends who moved to Door County from here placed their house here on the market the same time we did and they sold it last weekend!  It’s not a race, but it felt like one.  I’m so happy for them, but it makes it harder for me not to be anxious.  Last week we spent 3 days in Door County during which we met with our builder.  He pulled out a long spec sheet.  A spec sheet is a list of everything that goes into a house from septic to paint.  The builder uses it to bid out all the work. We had already made so many decisions that we got through most of the spec sheet in a few hours.  We also nailed down the last details on the blueprints and made the complex decisions about windows.  We’re going to have a LOT of windows. The next day we visited several vendors.  We picked out the gas fireplace we wanted, siding, shingles, tile for the fireplace surround and hearth, and some possible gable trims.  Al, our builder, said that we had made enough progress on the spec sheet that he thought he could send out for bids.  Then, just as soon as we accept an offer on our present house, we can call him and say GO.  If that happens before June, we could be into the new house by Christmas.  Al also had a lead on a place we could rent up there during construction.  So, now we wait and pray God sends us a buyer pretty soon.

Our present house is definitely a traditional colonial so it will take a buyer who is looking for such a layout.  It seems that everyone now days wants the open floor plan (and granite countertops).  I guess that’s it for now.  Here’s a photo of our lot overlooking a frozen Green Bay.