This morning the door bell rang and there stood a dozen real estate agents queued up behind their fearless leader.  As they streamed into the foyer, they slipped off shoes and put blue surgical booties on their stocking feet.  After a short overview by our agent, John, they went off in all directions to study our home.  Everyone was very nice and complimented us on the good job we did staging the house.   We knew several of the agents, one being our babysitter from years ago.  I felt strange having all these strangers taking notes as they surveyed each room.  The sunroom and fireplaces seemed to be the favorite rooms.  They had toured, put shoes and gloves back on, and gone out the way they came in less than 15 minutes!  John promised the sign would go up tomorrow and we gave him a key.  On the way out, he asked about the capacity of our septic tanks - after all, these practical things matter.  Chuck and I sat down across from each other at the kitchen table and shrugged our shoulders.  ”All I have to say is that I sure hope it sells soon,” he said.  The next step will be an open house some time in the next month.  In the meantime, we can’t make any messes and have to make the bed every morning!