Friday was the big day!  Our realtor came to take photos for the real estate MLS (Multiple Listing Service) and Coldwell Banker website.  We were ready - we thought.  He walked through the house to take a look at all of the improvements we’d made in the last 6 weeks.  He was very impressed ( almost surprised it seemed).  He brought his new camera and a tripod which he set up in each room, one by one.  As it turned out, we still hadn’t cleared away enough stuff from counter tops, fireplace hearth, etc.  I followed him around with a basket to collect everything he wanted cleared.  I think this staging process is the most stressful because we just don’t live in  hotel type spartan surroundings.  I admit that we desperately needed to clear out a ton of belongings around here. However, it’s not my nature to live in a hotel room.  Anyway, he then traveled around the house with camera to make a virtual tour.  That will be interesting to look at.  As he was about to leave, I asked, “Where is the for sale sign?”  He said it wasn’t ready yet.  It seems that a special sign support must be used in the snow.  I was disappointed.  I wanted to see the sign go up to cap our 6 weeks of work.  Oh well.  On Wednesday he is bringing his whole sales staff to tour the house so all of them could knowledgably show the house.  Maybe he’ll bring the sign then. The photo shows our realtor with camera.