From the Saucer


I haven=t made a fortune.

It=s probably too late now.

And yet it doesn=t matter.

I=m wealthy anyhow.

I have family who loves me

and friendships by the score.

I=m drinking from the saucer

for my cup can hold no more.


When troubles have besieged me

and my faith has lost its voice,

I=ve learned pain in life=s expected

but misery=s a choice.

In the good times and the trials,

I=ve reaped more than I have sowed.

I=m drinking from the saucer

for my cup has overflowed.


I praise the Lord who=s given me

His strength when I had none.

And may I bear my neighbor=s load

in turn when he=s undone.

Then we=ll thank our God together

for the blessings He=s bestowed

As we=re drinking from the saucer

`cause our cups have overflowed.


Copyright February 2011