During a recent visit to see my grandchildren, I noticed that the polar fleece slippers I had sewed my daughter-in-law several years ago for Christmas were falling apart.  She “loved them hard.”  So I promised to sew her a new pair.  Using her old pair as a pattern, I bought fleece and sewed her a pair on her old machine.  They were too small!  Back to the fabric store for fleece I went and sewed her a bigger pair.  I tossed the pair that were too small, but my granddaughter, Katie, fished them out of the trash.  “Look, Grandma. It’s a puppet!”  She even gave him a name - Scruffie!  I took Snuffie to the button box and sewed him a face.  With scrap yarn, I made Scruffie an attractive hair-do.  Katie was thrilled. See the photo!  I took the other slipper home with me and made a girl puppet and mailed her off to rendevoux with Scruffie.

The other photo is of my grandson, Andy, in his hand-knit froggie hat and scarf, which his Aunt Laura made him this winter.  So cute!!  If anyone would like to knit the frog hat, I can get the pattern to you.